Project Information

General Information (Phase 2)

Title of proposal:

Strengthen the Asi@Connect Female Network Engineer: capacity development program for NREN TechGirl and Future IT-Girl (Phase-2).

Relevance of Work Package (WP):

Capacity Development for the Female of Developing Country NRENs WP 3 (Train the female technical personnel to design the campus network, routing and switching of the network)

Duration & period:

12 Months, March 2022 – February, 2023.

Regional diversity:

The following 15 NREN countries will be benefited through this project: Afghanistan (AF), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), Cambodia (KH), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Laos (LA), Myanmar (MM), Malaysia (MY), Nepal (NP), Pakistan (PK), Philippines (PH), Sri Lanka (LK), Thailand (TH), and Vietnam (VN).


Management Personnel:

Principal Investigator (PI)/Leader-

Chinmay Bepery


Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Dumki, Patuakhali-8602, Bangladesh

Mobile: (+88) 01922361666



Co-Investigator (Co-PI)/Leader-

Engr. Md. Jahidul Islam

ICT Specialist

College Education Development Project

National University, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Ex-Manager, Innovation, Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)

University Grants Commission (UGC), Bangladesh]

Mobile: (+88)01535495370




Collaboration with TEIN partner countries: The training cover the following 15 partner countries: Afghanistan (AF), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), Cambodia (KH), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Laos (LA), Myanmar (MM), Malaysia(MY), Nepal (NP), Pakistan(PK), Philippines (PH), Sri Lanka (LK), Thailand (TH),  and Vietnam (VN).

Transfer of knowledge:  Knowledge transfer has been considered an important area through the deployment and operation of seminars, local workshops, international workshops, online webinar courses, and discussion meetings. Collaborating in the project and working with community experts will transfer knowledge to the region that allows the service to be self-supported and sustainable.

Awareness Building: Awareness seminar for Future IT-Girl to building carrier in IT professional and the prospect of SAFE project

Fellowship support to TechGirl and Future ITGirl for network training/workshop: To enhance the strength of females, provide a significant number of female TechGirl/Future IT-Girl fellowships among different NRENs partner countries.

Linkage with existing Asi@Connect project: It is the extensive work of the previous same project which was implemented under Asi@Connect 3rd call. To use existing Asi@Connect project’s outcome (2nd call Asi@Connect project of WP-5: “Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility (fDLuDCf)”) and provide online webinar courses (Networking devices and tools, Basic Campus Network Design, Troubleshooting for network connectivity, IP addressing: IPv4/IPv6, Wireless networking, Routing and Switching, Network Monitoring, Network Management, VPN, BGP) among partner countries.

Enhance the utilization of TEIN: As workshops, and webinar programs are going to be executed through  TEIN  with the platform being installed in the  Cloud  System of BdREN, utilization of the TEIN  network will be significantly enhanced during the execution of the same.

Improve the skill of existing female IT personnel: To develop the capacity of NREN’s female staff about Wireless Networking and Cyber Security and also develop collaborative relationships among tech-female staff among NREN’s partner countries by organizing one international workshop.

Enhance the skill of female IT Graduates/Future ITGirl: To increase the strength of female graduates/appeared graduates, four local workshops about Networking Basics and Campus Network Design will be arranged in the diversified locations in Bangladesh. It will enhance the awareness and capacity of future IT-Girl.

Enhancement of female collaboration and support: To formulate a strong local as well as international female IT community (including existing IT personnel and Future IT girl), so that it will act as a strong female network community platform in TEIN partner countries.

Female empowerment and employment: To enhance the capacity of existing female personnel and encourage female graduates/appeared graduates to involve in the network sector.